IC Updates

This page tracks unusual IC circumstances of game-wide import. These things are usually announced on the Announce bulletin board in-game, at first, and then are moved here as they become longer-term.


April 18th, 2010

Due to certain IC events, everyone can currently lucidly dream. That means that anyone can meet and communicate in the Dreamlands; if you do not have a Dream gift, you can get there with @tel #670. There is a +setting there that explains some alterations to the nature of lucid dreams, so if you do a lucid-dream scene, please actually go there (and use a +temproom off it, if you want privacy).

Mystic Realms

April 18th, 2010

There have been alterations to certain mystic places. If you have an +access gift, please make sure that you're actually using it to go the places it can take you (if you're doing a scene there, of course), and read the +setting (and follow the directions within it, if relevant to you). If you have a +transit gift, there's a +queue message for you.


June 1st, 2010

When you look into a mirror, IC, it's possible that you may become momentarily locked into a flashback. You'll see, in the mirror, something that happened to you in the past (but to anyone near you, they'll simply see the mirror reflecting you like normal). It might be something that actually happened to you, it might be an altered version of that memory, or it might be something that never happened to you but nevertheless feels very real. The flashback is sort of like a PTSD flashback. It doesn't last long, and it can be interrupted if someone shakes you or the like.

Also, from time to time, when you ICly pass a mirror or other reflective surface (like a window-pane, pool of water, and the like), you might catch a glimpse of that mirror reflecting something other than the room around it. It's a brief glimpse of some other scene (past, altered-past, or fictional-past), so momentary that you might find yourself wondering if you're imagining it. The scene doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you (but is explicitly not a way to ferret out information/secrets unknown by you).

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