New Players

The game is currently open to the public, and we always welcome new players. You can log in as a Guest, but we encourage you to get a character as soon as possible.

You can rename your character at any time, so you don't need to have settled on a name before getting a character; just get an identity and rename yourself whenever you settle on a final name.

If you are interested in a character object, log in as a Guest and use the following command:

+request name = email address

In order to obtain a character, you will be required to register with a valid email address. Use this command to request a character. The password will be sent to the email address you specify. This occurs automatically and immediately.

Generally, if you receive email quickly, you should get a response within five minutes; if you don't receive the password within a day, there has been a problem and you should contact a staff member to get it resolved.

If you don't get the message, make sure that you check your spam folder!

* NOTE *

Currently, your password will be displayed to you on the screen after you type +request name = email address

Please write this password down and do not check your email as there will be no email sent.

* NOTE *

Please note that all of your alts MUST be registered under the same address. To register an alt, use:

+request/alt name

Getting Started

If you're trying to figure out how to connect to this MUSH thing, you probably want to start with the right software. Check out this list of MUSH clients. Once you get started, check out our tips on navigation.

Regardless of whether you're a first-time MUSHer or a grizzled jaded veteran, you should check out our guides. They contain a lot of specific, step-by-step information on how we do things on this MUSH.

If you're wondering what some of these terms you're seeing mean, help might be found in the glossary.

If you need a quick jumpstart on our theme, check out our setting summary.

Once you're ready to begin playing, you should start character generation.
In addition to regular character generation, we also have an "instant start" option which you might want to consider.

You might want to read our RPG Basics tutorial to get an idea of how the general RPG system works before you dive into character generation.

When you're done with setting yourself up for the RPG, you'll want to do the following:

You might also want to set yourself up on LiveJournal.

Finally, it might be helpful to read our etiquette guide, which explains the game's typical roleplay style conventions.


If you're having trouble finding your way around, try @set me=_LOST
This will show you where all exits from a location lead to, whenever you move into a room or do a look.

Also, check out our maps.
There's also an in-game map for the city, accessible via +map

If you know the person you want to go to, and you're in the same area as them (for instance, you're in Amber City and you want to join someone else in Amber City), you can use +zoom name-of-person to get to them.

If you know the name of the location you want to go to, and you're in that location's area, you can use +zoom name-of-room to go there. You don't have to type the full name of the room, and wildcards will also work. +zoom * shows you all the rooms in an area.


We have a strong respect for anonymity. We strongly discourage asking other people about their identities (if you ask, don't be surprised if the reply is "I'd rather not say"). Whether or not you want to tell someone else who you are is up to you.

Note that the staff also has highly limited visibility into who you are, so don't expect them to know who you are unless you tell them. (Unlike other MUSHes, sites and email addresses are normally hidden from the staff, and email sent to the staff will be anonymized. There are code safeguards in place for cross-alt "cheating" prevention.) For more information, take a look at our privacy policy.

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